Welcome to the Mariner Platform

This platform tries to answer the need for an integrated framework for preparedness and response to HNS spills. Continuing with the work started in ARCOPOL projects, now MARINER project focuses on improving planning, preparedness and response to HNS spills in Europe by: • Capitalizing and translating relevant HNS R & D outcomes into operational resources applicable by planners and responders; • Improving training and exercise capabilities; • Upgrading and/or improving tools to support decision making and response; • Increasing awareness and encouraging information exchange. The MARINER platform integrates: • Operational model hindcast and forecast results for different spatial domains (circulation, meteorology, waves); • Vessel positions and other vessel info (obtained through AIS system); • Field data visualization; • On-demand marine pollution chemical incident simulations based on best available meteocean information; • Environmental and Public Health Impact Assessments; • Both map and time series formats. The MARINER platform includes partners' products: • Metocean conditions from MeteoGalicia and Action Modulers numerical models; • CIIMAR HNS database; • Risk and Environmental Impact modelling tools were developed as a collaboration between CIIMAR and Action Modulers. External metocean data sources included in MARINER platform: • NOAA (meteorology); • CMEMS (hydrodynamics); • IST (hydrodynamics water quality and waves). External links to databases: • HNS-MS project. The main assets of the MARINER platform are: • it gets together big data (field data and model) from different sources in map and time-series format in a way that is easy for emergency teams to understand; • it allows for emergency teams to quickly perform HNS water spill scenarios and airborne emissions and get results of forecasted plume evolution for the next hours, everything in a couple of minutes. • it further innovates by integrating on those HNS simulations some specific indexes that quantify environmental impact on ecossystems for water spill and human health impact for airborne emissions (mapping different levels of concern evolving in time).